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this is dylan. he is 30 years old, born 6/15/1974, a gemini for all you astrology satanists, and pretty disgusted with online dating.

"they're all the same -,, - most importantly, they don't let me advertise my website in my profile. even guys4men went to the extreme of banning me from accessing their website. well, that was after a dozen screennames. see, they display the ten newest members right on the main hookup page, so every time i was number 11 i had to make a new screenname so that guys would click on the hottie i claimed was me, and then be directed to my website."

"i am not looking for any kind of companion most of the time, just sometimes. i have given up on the idea of meeting another like myself, you know...turned on by men but turned off by gay men...talities. they're all a bunch of porn, sex and love addicts trying to become satisfied with their socialist-minded, unfulfilling lives." he adds, "i'm too legit for that".

"you're so gay, you probably think this website's about you"

dylan is not looking for sex, which is most likely why all the sex addicts on those dating services like to bash him, all he wants is someone to chat with, to email with, to visit with, and to be friends with. "damn sex addicts, they give gays a bad name... oh, wait, that should be the other way around," he says.

dylan says he's willing and able to find a place to call home. as of now, he lives with family or friends in jersey, pennsylvania and maryland...but his dream is to get a house of his own in tennessee. but now, he's got nowhere to really call home. then again, with a passion for southwest airlines, the sky's the limit. so how's about sending him some love? and a pic.

email him. love him, love him, say that you love him.

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