i like my pups and i cannot lie
the love of brothers d'mands a smile
if men of firm hot builds ask for dyllie as a mate
i'm not down with all their strength
because pups wanna make-out and love
and i've chosen the pups not lust
keeping to teenaged flair when
i'm hooked and i can't stop staring
oh, puppies, i wanna be wit'cha
and hug or kiss ya
the homeboys think i'm horny
they think the pups i got make me be so tawdry
chipmunks like alvin they're named, there's notta three brothers grimm
they woo me, vavoom me, but inside they make their poopy
i see them dancing when i come home after
i'd left them cuz my hunger made me yearn for mex
i'm tired of fags and she sayin' cats just are the dream
take the manly real man and ask him that, he'll wanna beat your ass
so, fellas! (yeah!) fellas! (yeah!)
cats and murder got your lust? (hell, yeah)
get 'em and shake 'em (hate 'em!) hate 'em (break 'em)
make that healthy cat take a last gasp

puppies are phat

i like to wow with gifts and when i'm surfin' the net
i just can't help myself, i'm spendin' like i'm manical
there is no antidote
i wanna make them know they're home, never want no mo'
i ain't talkin' to gay voids
just stick your bones hard up humans, boys
one dog my ears licks - it's cutie
it's fine and cutie, lov'ble
makes me want more huggers
getting me to speak like a lover
so they look at my cock when it grows,
jerkin at male roles sheddin' their clothes
well, my name ain't stifler
i'll beat my weiner like solo
they've earned not a lick o' mistrust
they've got love for dyl's love, i can't cus or hit 'em
cuz i wanna life-mate and i pray i'll hear 'em *bark*
til the day i'm gone, puppies don't live as long
but i will give them life unflawed
cuz them pups like to live with the dylan
cuz i hang and play all day
they belong in my song and my lounge, my bed, my pimped-up car
so, puppies! (ruff!) puppies! (ruff!)
do you wanna roll on down to wendy's? (ruff!)
then yearn aloud, give a shout, cuz i like to take you out
puppies are phat

puppies are phat
yeah, puppies...what my love is needin'
humans got nothing to do with my affection
dirty sex is for whores with infects
ha ha, so i'm gonna die clean

they're a whirlwind love-a-lot and
they would hurt if i loved not them
i want them hating the notion of a lack of my honest-
type love-a-lotta soul, i love unless you're not of love
they have proved like they're the winners
of me, my proven love
some puppies wanna play the solo
and love you when they're hungry souls
but my dogs live for being
near the full-love kisses i give 'em
and simon says he's fat, but i'm so down with that
cuz he makes out long while the theodore's wishin'
that i'd give him some chicken
i don't need no gaymes with faggots, please
i lay with no fiends
give me the chipmunks in the top bunk
they've seen a life of real love
i'm lucky, for i get bliss
from the dogs who i live with
i had gays but i chose to quit 'em
now i couldn't miss the sex with 'em
so, puppies, you're my pups, and now
i have got no life of sex, oh wow!
my fun's content to miss a lot
of dicks and nasty thoughts
puppies are phat!

(little sin with skin because my dogs are phat)

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