"bah, humbug," is it so wrong just to miss the rave for holidays
cuz all my years been a same old blur, each day i have's no specialty
i'm glad i'm blind to steady mad rushes, just on roads i feel 'em
the perfect gift for me would be street clearing, less congestions - heck, i'd
happily stop my pouting and miseries for a love of not standing on line
just to buy a jumper for my hard drive
don't deck my halls, trim no tree, neigh for love of christmas cheer
i don't need to dress, impress, just another day is here

out, i'm a fixture where i am, i'm dyl (the goon without a firm place)
never been partly known, all i want is no resists (the path of)
bring my body some strength, excersize shows a slow build-up
couldn't get lean when results would need a time to set, no insta-buff
insta is more what's on my mind, now socially i do hope insta forms friends
no, no such luck for me, sucks i have no place to be
now i'm out and i suck some gay, and i tongue his ass, excited
just like gays hype as a sexy psyche, but his poo-scent made me doubt it

merry christmas, merry christmas, but it's just another day 'round here

hardly dashing through the snow, cause for nothing i am psyched,
last-minute is taboo, i'm not hard for it all
i get no rsvp's, i ain't the party-type...and christmas eve would just go past
without all soci'ty's hype
it's all the birth of christ, and i'd help feign a long-lost birthday party
maybe the christ wants me to grow in-line instead of a social
for heaven's sake, show you're taking shape, trust the lord - go celebrate
with the choir and god's childs, do it with the jesusphiles

gay-type queens, they will lie to me, much like girls wanting jerky
go get some friends whose lovin' stems from god, wham-bam shouldn't drive their hearts
so don attitudes that wow christians so, to the holy pro-christ type extreme
and such views will stun all the christ-kids down here,
and the guys i will find aren't embracing what's queer
my spending time much alone will end, for a break i'd solo maybe
amend from q and i'll be viewed as a dude who's born again, how cool

one sunny day i'll hatch this plan, go on to what's my destiny
this christmas-parody unveils such a very new beginning

merry christmas, merry christmas, couldn't skip this song this year

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