clinton-connected bribes, break-ins, beatings, death threats

carl limbacher
october 12, 1998

reportedly, ken starr is investigating kathleen willey's allegation that her property was vandalized and her children threatened just before she appeared before starr's monicagate grand jury.

but if henry hyde waits for the methodical starr to complete his work on the willey allegation, bill clinton could be pensioner back home in little rock before congress gets a referral. hyde need not depend on starr when the list of witnesses with published accounts of scandal-connected threats, break-ins, beatings, and bribe attempts is as long as his arm.

here are just a few of them:

americans know about gennifer flowers' 12-year affair with
president clinton. but they aren't familiar with what flowers says
happened to her just before she went public with her story.

"i was getting threats. i had some saying i was going to be beaten
up. i had some saying that i would be killed," flowers told a new
york radio audience in july 1997.

flowers even fingered clinton himself, whom she believes ordered
agents to search her apartment for any evidence that could expose
their relationship. though portrayed by the media as a gold digger,
flowers' real reason for tape-recording her lover and then going
public was self-preservation.

"some very scary things were going on," she said. "... i made those
tapes for my own protection."

sally perdue alleged only a brief affair with clinton in 1983 but ran
into similar trouble when clinton embarked on his quest for national
office nine years later.

she told the london telegraph in 1994 that a democratic operative
had approached her, offered a bribe, and told perdue that he
"couldn't guarantee the safety of her pretty little legs" if she didn't
cooperate. his name, according to perdue, was ron tucker.

afterwards, perdue's car window was mysteriously broken. a spent
shotgun shell was found on the car seat.

loren kirk had merely once shared an apartment with gennifer
flowers, but that was enough for her to be chased down. san
francisco private eye jack palladino -- referred to as a "knee
buster" by one republican personally familiar with his 1992 work --
paid kirk a visit that summer. and according to the american
spectator in april 1994, palladino posed a chilling question to her.

"is gennifer flowers the sort of person who would commit
suicide?" the enforcer wanted to know.

palladino was paid over $100,000 for his work as an alleged bimbo
silencer. dick morris has questioned whether palladino was paid
from federal funds, which he rightly says would be a devastating
development if proved.

morris, who's spent the last few months warning about the "clinton
secret police," is apparently unaware that the clinton watchdog
group citizens united published a copy of the pertinent page from
the clinton campaign's 1992 federal election commission
disbursement report. it suggests that at least $17,000 worth of
palladino's expenses were paid with campaign monies that had
federal matching funds mixed in.

another flowers-related victim would be her quapaw towers
neighbor, gary johnson, who says his videotape of clinton standing
outside her door was stolen by thugs who beat him to a pulp and
left him for dead.

america could learn a thing or two from johnson's testimony, and
hyde might supplement it with a deposition from writer l.j. davis,
who claims he was knocked unconscious in his hotel room while
researching a report for the new republic on hillary clinton's rose
law firm.

former miss america elizabeth ward gracen has recounted in two
recent interviews the incredible pressure brought to bear to win her
silence about her own 1982 one night stand with clinton. her digs
were also broken into in an apparent attempt to round up damaging
evidence before it fell into the hands of paula jones' lawyers.

arkansas state trooper l.d. brown claims he was approached in
london last year by clinton operatives who offered him $100,000
to change his whitewater testimony. trooper danny ferguson
alleged in late 1993 that the president himself called and offered a
federal job for his silence about the women he procured for clinton,
one of whom was paula jones.

the press was compelled to pick up the original "troopergate"
reports, broken first in the los angeles times and the american
spectator, largely because of ferguson's bribery charge. both usa
today and the american lawyer have reported that friends of
ferguson strongly suspect that he has the clinton bribery call on

is anyone in the main press interested in all this? not so far. but
unless henry hyde wants to see his hearings degenerate into a
squabble about the relevance of perjury about sex, he’d better get
interested. for instance, how about a subpoena for danny ferguson
and the clinton tape his friends believe he has?

partisans can argue till the cows come home about whether lies
about sex are impeachable. but a similar debate about
clinton-connected bribery, blackmail, and beatings should be rather

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