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I've been out of town lately and will soon be gone again for an extended trip to the woods. In the meantime I thought I'd share some wonderful quotes and other tidbits from the ever so enlightened feminist movement:

Sally Miller Gearhart, in her article, "The Future—If There is One—Is Female," writes:
"At least three further requirements supplement the strategies of environmentalists if we were to create and preserve a less violent world. 1) Every culture must begin to affirm the female future. 2) Species responsibility must be returned to women in every culture. 3) The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately ten percent of the human race."

And how does she propose to reduce the population of men? Death camps? Forced castration? Asking nicely if men will kindly remove themselves from the planet? I should also point out that human (yes, that's both men and women) overpopulation is the problem, not just the abundance of one sex or another. And as any wildlife biologist can tell you, if you want to limit the population of a particular species, eliminate the females (not that I'd advocate that, but just wanted to point out what a moron Gearhart is).


Here are some real humdingers from Robin Morgan, (former?) editor of Ms. Magazine:

"I haven't the faintest notion what possible revolutionary role white heterosexual men could fulfill, since they are the very embodiment of reactionary-vested-interest-power. But then, I have great difficulty examining what men in general could possibly do about all this. In addition to doing the shitwork that women have been doing for generations, possibly not exist? No, I really don't mean that. Yes, I really do."

"Sexism is NOT the fault of women—kill your fathers, not your mothers."

"...every woman has days when she thinks maybe I should pick up an uzi and go after all men, you know...."
Interview with Robin Morgan

The scary part is that this evil dyke actually raised a son. Poor guy...


Here are a couple examples of feminists advocating the forced castration of all men from a hate website in Europe:

Karen Davies writes:
"So in my perfect world all males would donate sperm at puberty, after which they would be surgically castrated and have their penis removed...."

Marsha, aka technocrone, writes:
"Yes, I actually am a man-hating bitch - not ALL men, I guess I should say a patriarchy-hating bitch, that whole "man" thing, but I share your experience of never getting that far in conversation, because as soon as I suggest that the boys don't seem able to play nicely with each other or with anybody else, they shift into attack mode. I must be a man-hater (yep) I must be a dyke (right again) and why must I dwell on such unpleasantness? Yeah.
I have long cherished a plan for the systematic castration of all post-puberty males, as I believe that the world would be a safer and more beautiful place without all that testosterone floating around.
Surely some brilliant dyke scientists are putting this together even as I write these words! Someone must have already thought of this, it's such a simple solution ..."


When asked: "You [Greer] were once quoted as saying your idea of the ideal man is a woman with a dick. Are you still that way inclined?"
Dr. Greer (denying that she said it): "I have a great deal of difficulty with the idea of the ideal man. As far as I'm concerned, men are the product of a damaged gene. They pretend to be normal but what they're doing sitting there with benign smiles on their faces is they're manufacturing sperm. They do it all the time. They never stop.
I mean, we women are more reasonable. We pop one follicle every 28 days, whereas they are producing 400 million sperm for each ejaculation, most of which don't take place anywhere near an ovum. I don't know that the ecosphere can tolerate it."
—Germaine Greer, at a Hilton Hotel literary lunch, promoting her book "The Change: Women, Aging and the Menopause". From a newsreport dated 14/11/91.

This is just plain silly, of course. What the hell kind of ecological impact does "wasted" ejaculate have? Now billions upon billions of bloody tampons filling up landfills and being flushed down the toilet every year...


I will conclude with two final examples. One is a lesbian "artist" who apparently sees all men as legitimate targets for random homicidal violence. Look at the cover of her first zine for a good example of this sentiment.

The semi-famous (and extremely psychotic) Valerie Solanas put the above woman’s thoughts into action in the early 1970s, when she went on a shooting spree, specifically targeting Andy Warhol and any other men who happened to be in the way (luckily she used a pea-shooter .32 caliber pistol and didn’t kill anyone). Ti-Grace Atkinso, former New York chapter president of NOW, described Solanas as, "the first outstanding champion of women's rights," and another member of NOW represented Solanas at her trial. Many other feminists have cited Solanas’ "SCUM Manifesto," a hateful tract on the same level as Mein Kampf, as very influential in their "intellectual" development.


While the above cited psychopaths may not represent the "mainstream" of feminism (excepting Robin Morgan, of course), they are rarely if ever repudiated by more moderate feminists (if such a creature actually exists). It seems pretty clear to me that misandry is an integral part of feminism as it is currently practiced in western countries, however "moderate" some branches of that movement may appear to be. This pervasive male-bashing naturally leads to extremist statements like those quoted above. And yet feminists continue to wonder why there is such a backlash against them.


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