look at the pattern of attacks while bill clinton was president:

feb. 26, 1993: first world trade center bombing. truck bomb: 6 killed, 1042 wounded. clinton’s response: none. there is clear evidence linking both iran and iraq to this atrocity. see the article, “the changing face of middle eastern terrorism” in the resources section above. in this 1995 article the heritage foundation recommended that the us deal with these states that sponsor terrorism: iran, iraq, libya, sudan, syria, cuba and north korea (looks pretty much like president bush’s “axis of evil”). we never struck back and held those regimes as responsible.

nov. 13, 1995: a car-bomb in riyadh, saudi arabia kills seven people, five of them american military and civilian advisers for national guard training. clinton’s response: none.

june 5, 1996: bombing of the khobar towers military housing complex in dhahran, saudi arabia. 19 dead, 515 wounded. clinton’s response: none

august 7, 1998: bombings of american embassies at nairobi, kenya and dar es salam, tanzania, "these two cowardly attacks seriously wounded over 5,000 men, women and children. civilized people everywhere reject such acts of random violence." the state department is wrong when they call them "acts of random violence." these were premeditated acts of violence, but the us response was pathetic. perhaps the real issue is that the vast majority of the 291 killed and 5,000 people were black, and that is why bill clinton did so little. he launched 75 tomahawk missiles. of note: osama bin laden was directly linked by the state department to these bombings (see “bombings of u.s. embassies in east africa” in the resources section above).

oct 12, 2000: attack on uss cole. 17 killed, 30 wounded. clinton’s response: none. thus, because bill clinton did not respond forcefully after the terrorists’ attacks (us struck back only once, and then only with 75 tomahawk missiles), they kept striking again and again and again and again, until they finally attacked on president bush’s watch last september. then the commander in chief responded forcefully. this is very reminiscent of the iranian terrorists holding us hostages for over a year while a weak president (carter) was in office. the moment a strong man was in office, iran released the hostages.

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