many of you are well enough off that the tax cuts may have helped you. we're saying that for america to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. we're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.

let's not leave an educational vacuum to be filled by religious extremists who go to families who have no other option and offer meals, housing and some form of education. if we are going to combat extremism then we must educate those very same children.
(i guess her 'religious extremists' are people who believe in god and who take his word seriously)

research shows the presence of women raises the standards of ethical behavior and lowers corruption.
(you've covered up too many scandals...fostergate, the "clinton body count,' be deemed ethical)

the american people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they're not.
(especially hard-left polititions who break their backs leaning to the right in hopes of winning serious christians and democrats)

voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process.
(as if it's not more likely to commit voter-fraud for the left, as if more of their adherents are not poor enough to be bribable)

you show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends.
(vince foster was more than a friend, but you didn't seem to want to address the fact that he was not a man who'd wanna kill himself)

i am particularly horrified by the use of propaganda and the manipulation of the truth and the revision of history,
( former congressional investigator barbara olson writes that, "in the political life of the clintons, it was she [hillary] who pioneered the use of private detectives. it was she who brought in and cultivated the professional dirt-diggers and smear artists.")


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