first lady laura bush told nbc's "today" show, "i would really like for him to name another woman to the court."

isn't that special? but it's okay, because it is a woman advocating for a woman. and we all know in today's society, women are so overlooked in comparison to men. ha. yeah, right, maybe if it was 30 years ago.

get a grip. how long are you going to play this victim-card, women? actually, i have a hard time naming feminists as "women," simply becaue "woman" implies a sense of maturity as opposed to a "girl" who has not grown up yet.

i'll tell you how long they will play it, they'll play it just as long as they are a member of the weaker sex, just as long as they cannot beat up their husbands. just as long as they are the gender to be inconvenienced by sperm meeting egg.

and anyone who dares to speak out against their motivations, well they'd just be an insensitive sexist bigot. ha. how queer these feminists are.

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