okay, so i was offended by my pastor's sermon of "diversity," as well as his attitude of a guilty white man, that is apologetic for racism and most probably slavery and the like. so, i wrote him, a short, one-line letter telling him of his queer attitude, with the subject of 'next time, wipe the racism off your collar'. he answered me a long-winded letter, and here is my response:

i don't want to go deeply into why whites may not want to hang out with blacks, but here are a couple of reasons: 1) it is quite safe to assume that the majority of blacks want something for nothing, being largely pro-welfare, largely pro-slavery reparations, yada yada. 2) martin luther king jr's factual existence is covered-up by all the compassionate political-correct bs of the world: <http://www.kkk.bz/abolish.htm>, 3) what blacks and other minorities are doing to deconstruct america: <http://www.tysknews.com/depts/society/devolution.htm>.

namely, you are encouraging the limp-wristed activists of the world to continue to do their queer mandates like renaming a high school from "abraham lincoln high school" to "malcolm x high school" and furthering the ignorance of the white heritage of the nation by not teaching about it in schools and colleges.

soon, you are going to be preaching the gay bible. or the gender-neutral bible. have you already started? next comes the tolerance of polygamists, abortionists and assisted suicide.

do you understand? tolerance starts with trying to obliterate mean things like racism, it gains a good, godly name from there and graduates to obliterating sexism and telling a woman's streamlined musculature that it can do anything a man's can do, enter the societal acceptance of marilyn manson and of other androgynous notions, then morphs "equal rights" into everything that goes against the word of god, and soon society's image of god is one without any sort of values whatsoever.

then you have affirmative action and other forms of reverse discrimination (which is in today's climate a politically correct form of racism).

i don't expect anyone who vocalizes his animosity towards rush limbaugh in his 501c3 sermon (hint), to understand what i am trying to say.

oh, by the way, nice 2 blacks for every 1 white choir you have. it's soooo representative of the assembly of people i couldn't help but study to get some sort of justification. and it really does tell me that you are not racist. ha.

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