i know, the bible is "old school" and has been rewritten by gays and women to suite their flaccid egos, and i guess that is to be expected with minorities leading "progressive" lives and thinking themselves as too elite to subscribe to any way of thinking that could deem them "same-old, same-old" people who won't pay $5 for a cup of coffee...no matter how their avant-garde notions of sex have led to the aids epidemic...no matter how their avant-garde notion of women as family-leaders and societal-leaders has led to the androgynous demasculization and rampant homosexual experimentation of men and boys.

the reason it's so hard to break people from the acceptance of male dominance and female submission, is because that's what god wants and what the (unrewritten) bible calls for. and because that's how he designed us. god designed us physically to suit those roles, though he did not make women immune to the sins of pride and envy. which was probably his biggest mistake. well, besides marylin manson.

what did the strong woman say to the terrorist? "if i can't do 10 pullups, yours can be a religion of peace"

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