when there are oh-so many liberals in this free country who think it's their god-given right not to be offended by anything, how can i resist slapping them in the face? ha. call me an instigator.


love is all well and good, but the fact remains that love isn't sex, and love and sexual attraction don't walk hand-in-hand. and just because you love someone, doesn't mean you have to get naked and explore each others' bodies like an infant who is curious of everything around him. if it gives you a feeling of satisfaction, there's a reason for it, and it's not this bullshit about being "born gay," as if we are all a bunch of preprogrammed robots. anyone, gay or straight, has not internalized the gender-identity. what do you think the age-old saying "opposites attract" means? i made a parody of paula abdul's song called "opposites attract," maybe you should read it sometime. here's the beginning of the second verse: 'q is lost, seeing their brothers and naked men as things to discover / queens are such freaks, naive to their sex - guys are at ease 'round men and slights get obsessed". gosh, living around all those sick twisted freaks in california sure has done something to your perception of life. i'm helping me with my rantings, because the more i pick apart and ridicule queer behaviors, the more i have a handle on myself. and the more i grow away from homosexuality and into a real man, by picking queer apart. "i don't mean to pick you apart, you see, but i cay-ayn-ayn-ayn-ayn-ayn't help it" dylan ps; "if you wanna believe there's nothing detremental to a masculine soul, about finding security, fulfillment, and something excitably taboo in another one, it's your loss"


i need a role model to grow up. to get a handle on myself as an adult, as opposed to an adolescent whose life revolves around the pleasure principle. that's the kind of person who attends gay pride parades, by the way. what kind of egomaniac would be so self-important to go out and join a public exhibition solely in the name of what gives them a yippee-thrill? oh, well please don't make a mental note of the thumbsuckers' pride parade i'll be attending tomorrow. gay pride is transparent. it's overcompensation and just a little more mature than your foot-stomping 4 year-old who doesn't like to be scolded for things he wants to do now. anyway, back to getting a handle on myself as a man as opposed to a gay "man"...i don't have a role model, but all these examples of immaturity that i see or hear in gay mentalities, they serve as the antithesis. and that's just as good. almost better, now that pc society will disregard, turn a blind eye to, and try to make illegal, any sort of criticism of homosexuality. dylan ps i'm trying to think of another one of my quotes. here's one from our old friend-turned- pedophile, billy joel. "now i know you can oppose all my words / i know you've got to bruise and mock to save face, you're absurd / deny anti-gays and true all your sloth-a- ganda...don't you get blue / it's hard not to when you've betrayed your state-of-gender cuz your mother's beliefs aren't new wave / go gay your heart if you must, it's a matter of lust"

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