i just went down to the bath house out of lonliness, i met a cutie there who agreed to grab a bite to eat with me, i was so happy because i was making a friend. he even agreed to work out with me. wow, this is a dream come true.

it was at the gym with him, that i learned a workout partner would not provide me the motivation to stick to an excercise program. i felt so queer. i did not put forth a favorable impression of myself, complaining about my lack of motivation and not being enthusiastic about life. no wonder he doesn't answer my emails anymore.

i'm not looking for a workout partner anymore. i'm just going to go to the y now and then and excercise for better or for worse, not really hoping for anything, just making it a regular part of my life. or sporadically regular. regularly sporadic. ha.

i'm really getting sick of my bed-potato life. not that i know if i'd be looking forward to it, but maybe getting a little bit of a social life would stop making me see sexual activity as a waste of time.

get off the computer! be social! or else when the twenty year anniversary of jagged little pill comes around, you're going to be as full of regret of the past twenty years as you are now about the past ten!

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