your bloated, "feminist" ego cries for never-present "pro-rape" sentiment, as if your anti-man castration ideals aren't evil

there was this overcompassionate liberal named ken. he took a look at this page and must have started hyperventilating like terri schiavo. ha. he said i should understand the reasons feminists at college campuses read poetry about male castration with scissors tied around their necks. and not judge them or advocate for their rape to counter their hate-advocacy.

r a p e - it's not as bad as one might think

feminists play the rape card every chance they get. "date rape," now this goes too far. one's word against another's, and with the plethora of phony rape charges being brought forth by feminists with a bone to pick (no pun intended), what's a man to do?

rape shouldn't even be as serious a crime as it is. it's only sex. and it's only violent when the victim tries to fight back, as if they're actually trying to save themselves. can't they just pull up their panties and deal with it? i understand rape, though my aol-chatroom rapist was not that violent (and he talked with a sweet southern accent), but once he shot his load and was finished, it was over. no, rapists can't give me an unwanted pregnancy, but gays can give me something worse, aids.

and then you got the feminists who fight tooth-and-nail for the complete ruin of anyone who dares to rape a sacred woman, while advocating for the castration of men on a college campus. wtf. liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

it's not like females are sacred cows, just because their bodies are meeker and they are easier to take advantage of than men are. that's the notion that is being propagated throughout the world, women are sacred and if you mess with one then fear for your own well-being. sorry, i'm not buying into that, women are people as men are people. and if you don't see the "violence against women act" or the "violence against women" classes taught in colleges as a mark of sexist special rights, you are as oblivious as i was when i was date-raped. the thing is, living in this politically-correct fantasy-world as we do, women are more likely to be given the benefit of the doubt, simply because of their not being able to stand up to bullies. and that means the manipulators have us wrapped around their finger. or tampon.

there should be an addendum to the "violence against women" notion, stating that it doesn't apply to the feminist action league or anyone else who advocates for the castration of, or any other harm towards, men. because there'll never be a "violence against men" counterpart, and that's for damn sure. mainly because the mere sound of it assumes that men are cowardice and frail and that they need government's help to run their lives. and that's certainly not a reality-based assumption, not for men.

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