okay, so i was trying to make friends on gay.com and manhunt.net one morning. the network of gay busybodies on there know all about my head-injury, as i always used to mention it and flaunt it because it's the only thing interesting about myself. they call me brain-damaged, in an effort to belittle me. i don't know why they have so much to prove, though i do mention my settlement in the 'occupation' slot of my profile, so i guess they need to rise above their jealousies.

here's what one of them wrote:

"well you would remember your profile name if you didnt have a million different
profiles on here!!!!!! keep one and sticj to it otherwise you look like a flake to
everyone on here"

first they ridicule me for having a faulty memory. then, as if they don't remember anything i told them about my memory, they tell me to remember my screenname so i don't have to make more than one. huh?

and then you get the addicts who suggest that curing my "not getting any" would be the panacea for my lackluster life.

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