i was advertising on guys4men.com one day, with a cutie as a spokesman.

From: BRLaSonny913 [history]
Date: 26 Nov 2005, 13:11

Hi, Dylan

I have reviewed your website.

oh, thank you - i'd better listen to what you have to say, you speak as if you're grading my homework.

So... am I clear in understanding that you are *not* gay, but you're *lying* (afterall, you claim to be gay in your profile details), *masquerading* even, as gay on this website, in order to lure gay and bisexual men to your gay-bashing website? If so, isn't that just as reproachable in the eyes of God??

he's telling me to take the speck out of my own eye before pointing to the log in his.  i could say the same thing in response.  but that doesn't matter, because he's exonorated when it's a sinner who's pressed charges.

You even use nude, semi-revealing photos of yourself (or perhaps a non-identified person's photos that you have illegally used, in violation of copyright laws?!?!) to give additional bait to the men here... what would God say about *that* lie? Or, if the photo is of you, what would God say about your displaying your disrobed body for other men to lust after?

at least it's not something that can hold up in court, like when my parodies were too similar to the real songs.  and i'm not selling this website as righteous in the eyes of the lord, as you are trying to sell yourself as with all your "what would god say" lines.  a true finger-pointer.  blame blame blame.

How dare you!! You will be reported to guys4men.com.

like that's anything new.

Or maybe you're just another one of the confused, mindless men who have been brainwashed by the conservative "church" (not *God's* church), and who are actually *gay* but are whipped into submission to a teaching that strips them of their rightful identities... which is really the greater lie.

it's a good thing you're not just another one of the deceitful, rebellious "men" who have been brainwashed by outback steakhouse's "church" (not a church with rules), and who have actually never grown out of the 6 year-old "if it feels good, do it cuz it's who i am" mentality but are whipped into submission by a teaching called maturity that strips them of their rightful emotional identity.

The term "Gay Christian" is not an oxymoron, and you would do well to learn that. Unfortunately, because the conservative "church" has so totally denied gay people their right to even exist, and has not taught men who are *born* gay how they as gay men should apply the teachings of morality to their existences *as gay men*, the great majority of gay men have totally disavowed any faith in God at all, and have forsaken even trying to conduct themselves as *moral* gay men... ie, just because we are gay, does not mean that we have to be promiscuous in our behavior!! How is that "winning the world for Christ"??

"gay christians" are part-time christians, and it would do you well to learn that...before we get sweden's bibles.  maybe once they're here, we can "morph" them some more, to accodomate the sons born of the alcoholic fathers as well as the people who are "born gay".  how can gay "christians" take themselves seriously, following every part of the bible except the parts they don't agree with?

selective christianity

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