i was advertising in aol m4m rooms one day, with mention of www.matthewshepard.info in my profile, and i got this email from ANTIMrTEX@aol.com:

you and people like you set back the gay activist movement to the neo lithis era you may think its OK to use a martyrs name to get someones attention for sex hookup but did you ask matthews mother and father if it was laright I doubt it!!! you are just a depraved and sexual addict that has to use a murdered boys name to attract other addicts SHAME upon you! you can write back call me a prude and use all the justifications in the world for your digusting acts go right ahead because if you do I willadd it to the emails I will be sending to every gay activist (legitimate) group I can find , includin Matthews parents and lest see how they feel about a man no a lower than a pedophile person like you so go ahead and rant and rave .

so i sent this back to him:

apparently you did not visit my website which also uses matt shepard's name in a way his reprehensible mother would not approve of. i am not using his name to look for sex, i am using matthew shepard as a spokesman for anti-gay propaganda, so take your unfounded accusations and shove them up your ass which must be the width of a baseball bat by now, you masculine insufficiency.


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