Ha. I pop into the PhillyM4M room on AOL and this guy types "Horsham, Warrington anyone". Having lived in Doylestown and having traveled down 611 to Willow Grove all the time to visit a friend back when i was 19 or 20, I typed "Willow Grove," just to introduce myself to the room. Well, he IMs me and I look at his profile, he says he's 46 - so he's probably at least 56 - so I reply "Sorry, I thought you were younger". Then he sends a line: "46 7c" and all his "stats" and I ignore him. He sends a '?' back and I reply with "I said 'sorry, i thought you were younger,' what is more obvious than that".

Edwants2: well, whats more obvious than that is you showing your ignorance - f'ing dope

I wanted to ask him just how my refusing his offers lends itself to my being ignorant, but then I figured "He's just an angry old man".

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