i was going from chatroom to chatroom one night. and i was collecting chat.

my 3 lovers: dylan, 30 swm iso men + or - 7 years
mfinleyville: ur friendly neighbor from under the blanket of snow no st bernards over there
mfinleyville: my 3 lovers

huh? maybe he's just mad that i am against everything his small, self-centered mind stands for.

mfinleyville: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
mfinleyville: hey thad u snowed in
my 3 lovers: mwaaaahahaha i will give you all a virus if you just click on my profile. aol tries to stop me, but they are no match for me, i am a superbrain who can easily get over aol's authority
mfinleyville: u r brain damaged and admit it u fool

i said i'm "brain damaged" in my profile. give 'em an inch...

my 3 lovers: you are a jealous old man and show it with your pic and your chat
my 3 lovers: u r a bitter old man
mfinleyville: not of a fool like u
my 3 lovers: tell me, old man, why am i a fool? because i was in a car accident at 16?
mfinleyville: all u have is the keyboard and i havemany good times away from and ahead of me

i'm always on the prowl for "good times," just like a predator.

mfinleyville: and hav'nt gotten over it in 14 yrs get on w ur life
my 3 lovers: i can't that is why i have free money every month
mfinleyville: u need some serious therapy
mfinleyville: spend it on therapy boy
my 3 lovers: you need to go to a gay "pride" parade to get over your complexes

pretty much. a "pride" parade is gay's type of therapy. strut that attitude, mr. better-than-thou.

mfinleyville: the people on the net did not cause ur car accident do not take it out on us

isn't he taking something out on me? i didn't say a word to put him down. i'm just cruising for sex.

my 3 lovers: dylan, 30 swm iso men + or - 7 years pic and link to more on profile
mfinleyville: + u get a virus do not go there

there he is again.

my 3 lovers: jealous old man, are you spiteful of my homepage?
my 3 lovers: and do you know that viruses cannot be transferred that way?
my 3 lovers: i'm gonna copy all your spiteful text and post it on my homepage so everyone knows what kind of people queers are

as i am doing right now!

hookupnowpgh: and yet you want to be with other gay men?
hookupnowpgh: you really ddid suffer some brain dammage....lol

laugh at my misfortune, are you as spiteful as the other? is gay, all gay 'men" can be?

my 3 lovers: yeah too bad yours can't comprehend anything beyond the pleasure principle
my 3 lovers: and it's not gay men, it's "gay men" in quotes, or gay masculivoids
my 3 lovers: or, gay "men"
hookupnowpgh: this guys is sooooo messed up....an auto accident can not explain all of it....there has to be some retardation happening as well

i guess he's now able to discuss "heavy" topics...let's talk about quantum physicis.

rocks4tops: new to pa and looking to hire a top, im me
my 3 lovers: please favor me with your expert diagnosis, doc
hookupnowpgh: an awful lot of self contempt going on there as well

he's been directing his 'diagnosis' at the room, not at me. he must know his words are unsubstantiated.

my 3 lovers: maybe i should stop paying for my shrink and just listen to your chat.
hookupnowpgh: if you guys want to feel sorry for him....have a look at his web page...it's pretty sad
my 3 lovers: yeah like theres so many people participating in this convo

maybe he's playing role reversal, where he's actually one of the macho guys standing around the powerless guy.

hookupnowpgh: after you do....u'll want to block him as well
my 3 lovers: and tell your friends, but don't you dare report me to the hrc, now, the naacp or anyone else because they'll take me offline

i hope that wasn't too transparent.

my 3 lovers: <-- dylan is back. all blacks, asians and mexicans please leave now
soskmont::: i'm all three, dylan and i like you. you want to be best friends?
an8stiff4you: um.. that might cause an ignore button to be issued
blburns2000: for real an8
blburns2000: dylan needs to get over herself.
soskmont::: yeah, but she looks so cute in her kkk hat.
blburns2000: lol @ soakmont
hookupnowpgh: just report the little s*it
blburns2000: good idea
blburns2000: think i will
soskmont::: i just told donald rumsfeld on you dylan. you are in big trouble, mister.
hookupnowpgh: i did at gay dot com...he's so full of hate
blburns2000: yet he's still in here
soskmont::: no, really?????
hookupnowpgh: he's gay....and full of self hate

i just roll my eyes when they say this. will they ever grasp self as anything beyond sexuality?

soskmont::: we all are.
blburns2000: i'm not full of self-hate
hookupnowpgh: speak 4 urself :-\
nyhotboy21: 19/f check my profile to watch me!
soskmont::: look it was just a ruse to full dylan, it's part of the master plan.
blburns2000: uh oh.... i feel a divinyls song coming on

ok, soakmont, you are so conniving.

<aboyslostsoul>dylan, from the looks of your website dear, you have some issues! i swear it you could put time out of business. accept the fact that you like dick and get on with your life, then accept the fact that your life sucks and do something about it
<aboyslostsoul> and if not, make this world a quieter place and hell a bit more unbearable and go off yourself dahling!

from the sound of your chat, "dear," you have some gender-identity issues, "dahling".

and it's not dick that i like, it's masculine camaraderie. but that's neither here nor there.

i like my life most of the time. except that i do not have a firm behind or a flat stomach.


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