socceroo1969: oh, the evangelicals are among us as we speak
(i assume he privately took a look at my aol profile and must publicly vent to fight off whatever insecurities reared their heads)
socceroo1969: try giant eagle
socceroo1969: to you from me, pinky lee!
(he posts a link to my website)
socceroo1969: what a treat
vegas2pa: anyone outthere with stuff
socceroo1969: omg, he says that martin luther king jr. was a communist
(just stating the little-known facts of his private life, there in the bottom corner)
socceroo1969: lol
socceroo1969: beware, the right wing fundamentalists with their ignorant propaganda sit amongst us (my 3 lovers)
(who is he talking to? that's what i thought. that's why i soon indirectly call him a busybody)
bun6929: hey soccer..can't seem to see your homepage..:(
socceroo1969: i know
socceroo1969: but you'll be aight
bun6929: huh
socceroo1969: don't worry about it
bun6929: alrighty then
socceroo1969: :)
(this "man" has an ego the size of empire state. apparently he wants nothing to do with bun6929, yet he responds with chat void of meaning and expression. with this attitude, he must think he is the all-too important emcee of the room)
laguyinpgh: looking for a hop top to play with!
laguyinpgh: anyone avail
socceroo1969: what's a hop top? like a hip hop looooooovvver?
laguyinpgh: one who likes top to the plown
kam1861: plum area here
socceroo1969: what's a plown?
my 3 lovers: whats a busybody who is dissatisfied and bored with his life?
(i had to say something to hint at the reasons one would feel the need to provide a snippy answer to chat directed not at himself)
socceroo1969: and for more wacky irreverant fun, please be sure to see my 3 lovers' web page
repairsm: any one looking for fun - hook up im me 2pic in profile
socceroo1969: he takes self loathing to a whole new low
(and you ascentained this all from viewing my website for a while 2 minutes? i'm not self-loathing, but a liberal-basher who happens to be gay)
socceroo1969: he's the type of person who would say the holocaust never happened and that slaves were happy ti have free room and board...
(judging me as you bash me for judging others, good...hitler was a nazi, the national socialist party)
socceroo1969: just as he says matthew sheppard's mom exploited his death, gays want what they don't deserve and that martin luther king jr., was a communist
(judy shepard did exploit her son's death. gays don't deserve god's blessings if god's word is anti-gay. get your own god. and just because martin luther king is, in the corrupted eyes of the world, a superhero...doesn't mean he can't be without fault)
socceroo1969: but he wuuvvvvvvvs his puppy doggies and is into bestiality.. and wow, what a nude pic...looks like you spent the night in a dumpster
(judging me again, all because i admit to kissing my dogs with a post on my website)
socceroo1969: oh, wait, that's your bad

then he ims me, i guess he didn't get the angry response from me that he was looking for in the chatroom

socceroo1969 [6:45 pm]: and trust me, bigot, i am very happy and satisfied with my life.. i'm not the one who needs to go around either being self loathing or trying to get people to go to a hate site..frreak of nature..

don't call me a bigot when it's you who is intolerant of my website. and i'm not self-loathing, i'm just a liberal-basher who happens to be gay.

socceroo1969 [6:46 pm]: get some therapy..or better yet, please drink the cherry kool-aid

check out my site, , unless you're there now