so here i've been praising my experience with zetacap weight-loss, hunger-inhibiting pill.  i don't know what i was thinking to buy such a thing!  what kind of christian am i?  who am i to try to change god's creation?

god made me this way.  there is no rationality in anybody's desires to change their lives - if one has such desires, they'd need psychological help to come to a point where they'd accept themselves as the person they think they don't want to be.  because god MADE them that way.  god made me overeat to a whopping 36 waistline.  which brings me to another point:

we are not merely products of sperm and egg.  god sat down with donald trump in a boardroom, planning and detailing every intricate detail of everyone's life to cater humanity to everything godly.  god didn't give us the power of choice, we can't choose to be at risk for aids and other (gay-affirming) diseases, we can't choose to feel we are lying to ourselves if we don't get a sex change, these feelings are ordained by god. 

what i can't understand is why would a loving god be crazy enough to bring mohammad into the world to invent the murderous "religion" of islam?  unless he is a sado and gets pleasure out of seeing his children tortured and massacred.

anyway, say no to zetacap and other hunger-inhibiting pills.  your appetite was created by god, you have no right to find it faulty.  get therapy for your unattractive and unhealthy appearance.  i can't believe there are no fat activists out there, forming groups in an effort to praise gluttony!  and outlawing words like "fatso," "tubbalard" or "michael moore" directed at fat kids.

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