Harry Reid and his friends in the Senate are the ones gouging customers at the gas pump, not the oil companies.
High Oil Prices: It's the Democrats, Stupid
gas taxes exceed oil company profits

don't vote against republicans just because their party was in office during the extreme rise in gas prices.

blame the gas tax-happy environmentalists!

they're liberals, not conservatives.
just like that young, "womens' studies" major at the communist-university.
you've seen her at starbucks, after doing her best to workout at the gym to facilitate the notion of a "strong woman," in the face of the realization that guys like me could beat her up.

hey, i'm peta-supporting, but for me it's people for the ethical torture of activists.

do you think we'd be suffering at the pumps if those overcompassionate earth-worshippers would not have voted against drilling in ANWR?

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