alright, so this quote came from a liberal reviewing 'brokeback mountain':

"It’s set in the 1960s and the characters played by Heath and AJ don’t even know they’re gay.  They think they’re just regular straight guys who suddenly find themselves all turned on by each other and, honestly, don’t even really understand why they’re awash in yucky, hypnotic love feelings."

so, if you accept this movie as beautiful and oscar-calibur, i expect you not to actively compromise my integrity by assuming i'm in self-hating denial about my homosexuality.  how could you, after praising two straight-to-gay characters?  their homosexual transformation was a mark of self-acceptance, wasn't it?  why do you bash gay-to-straights and groups like exodus, love in action and narth?

i'm not even as what your mind would call "self-denying" as heath and aj's characters are.  weren't they already established as heterosexual with wives, kids, romance and sex, before "turning" gay?  i have never been established as gay - never a boyfriend, never any romance besides dinner before doing it.  and i can probably count the times i've gone all the way on my fingers, and halfway on my toes.  so, if they're praised for coming to terms with not being the men their first desires said they were...will the gay community likewise praise me for doing the same?

only if the resolution glorified homosexuality.

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