i'm not a jew, really, but why pay $2000 for a belled and whistled computer from dell if, for the same money, you could buy the same caliber computer plus 6 gigabytes of music, ten dvds and a new wardrobe?

pricewatch.com, a clearinghouse of computer-related links.
mp3search.ru, 10 cents a song. i think it's a russian site, copyright laws differ there, riaa may be powerless.
deepdiscountdvd.com, buy a peek at an antonio bander ass, a firm behind, a fish called wanda, or gay stuff.
goodwill, i don't think you can buy online, but why pay $20 for a shirt you could buy used for $5?
ebay, buy from companies' auctions - i got a case & p4 hyper-threading sata motherboard for $108 including shipping.
aol, sign up for a free trial, quit before the month is up, repeat.
(if you don't want to spend a half-hour with a representative to quit, cancel by fax - i do)

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