it's April 3rd today.  i've been sticking the handle edge of my disposable razors up my butt most all week and twisting them so i could get all the shit out.  it feels okay, but when it comes out and i check repeatedly to make sure it's clean, it always repulses me.   today i stuck the entire handle up so that the razor was right against the hole, and it brought back a mess on the tip of the handle.  then after i got out of the shower, i felt like i had to go to the bathroom but i thought maybe i got the feeling cuz i was up there with foreign objects.  but i sat down anyway for a little while, then all this nearly liquid-thin poop started spilling out of me.  so much that after i finished wiping myself there were little poop drops on the floor.  and one on my calf.  yuck.
today, when i was advertising in the gay chats online, some pre-vert asked me if i jerk off while i stick it up my butt.  "no, i'm just cleaning my butt," i said.

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