i guess being lustful of your own gender does have its good points

though i don't know if i'll ever be able to suck my own dick like i've heard few can do

but i've still got my mattress, so what do i care

having enough masculine esteem to deem yourself your own boyfriend is not what i'm talking about here.

it's having enough repulsion of other peoples' poo scents, armpit scents, nut scents, butt scents and foot scents.

then there's the reality of your fantasy:
sweat, unfirm behinds, hairy moles, barely-hanging balls, all you don't know about til you are too close to just say no,

that's why it's just best to stay away from sexual intimacy or not wallow once you're there - just cum and go

build your body so it's sexy, so strangers would wanna get to know you or so you can marvel in the mirror.

but when it comes to experience others' bodies, yours is just the same - so eat your own ass and drink your own cum.

straights on the other hand aren't hot for likeness, so they have to go externally for intimacy.  sucks 2bu.

schizophrenia makes for safe bedfellows these days.

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