every time i wanna freak men
i remember how's intimacy
and i theorize how much i'd sniff you
and i theorize how my dream would be sinked

how i feel that lust is such wool (say cred cow)
cuz i wanna see nude men
and rememberin' they're only human
so i masturbate instead

no, only in my dreams my zeal is pit-secretes
i'd suck only in my dreams

couldn't see how much i dis dudes (now i do)
wood of me is much sens'tive
move to leave, their hopes come tumbling down
(grumbling, "now's my turn")
now i hear the words unsaid

since i always cum before you (hold the boat)
and remember ours' all smell funny
i'd groan if i'm to blow you
can't forget showers clean human stink

no, only in my dreams my zeal's rectums to eat
if we're clothesless, let's be clean

no, only in my dreams your pits and both your feet
haven't got a scent like me

no, only in my dreams i'd feel a need to meet
other horny human bein's
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