i wanna with you, get trashed and
i wanna roam on land and foam
i wanna bet abra'am on a racehorse
break hundred p.h...cross counties
dude, could you give me no vows of your proud lust?

talking, being, gaming with you will justify my love
groping, playing with you will much defy my love

i wanna know you, not like fags
i don't wanna see your utter
i don't wanna ream you, mister pre-vert
i just wanna be like brothers
and we can shag that lady with these two fine stiffies

wanting, needing, waiting for you to justify my love
surely burning for you will much defy my love

what are we gonna do? what are we gonna do?
walk with me, tell me your dreams - will you win 'em?
tell me what tears made you fag
tell me you're horny
i'm not afraid to screw your arse - i'm a guy

whore is the "man" whose self-love depends on much emissions of his wiener

suck me, that's right, suck me...i wanna know my playthings

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