written after someone in my cam-chat told me my site is "some wit"

i wanna dis you, france paris
i wanna woe through cracks and scolds
i wanna shun gay-friends through my hate-storm
and shove the lance bass, scoff hundreds
few could relate me - endowered word-power

daunting, needling, hating - i'm rude to justify my wit
hoping, praying lord hughes will undersign my wit

i wanna show you i'm no hack
i don't wanna be a lover, i don't wanna sing your pc schemers
i just wanna sing your blunders - i wanna brag my brain, see?
kiss me, that's right, kiss me

daunting, needling, hating - i'm rude to justify my wit
yearning, burning - lord hughes, please undersign my wit

when are you gonna do what i so want you to?
talk to me, tell me i seem that i'm fiction
tell me i deemed like no man, sell my performance!
i'm not as gay as what you'd want...i can lie

poor is the man whose job's a burden, not an emission of his wiener
sign me, that's right, sign me...i wanna sing butt-naked

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