lying on my bed on the internet all day broadcast on stickam, many remark as one remarked: "in ten years when you contract liver cancer you will be SO happy that you spent your younger years doing this"

if it seems like i'm a lost-cause, you're a voyeur
and you think my being home is just pissing my younger days
oh, well you wouldn't know it, young kreskin
if webcams were something that never pissed your time 'way
oh no

still i would not be home now if i never got accustomed
to be unashamed to say since childhood i'd no friends
no, if you've ever seen me as driver
you'd know music sets me on fire
and since fourth grade, yeah
well, i was freakin' its say
yeah, i am still keeping the faith

you scorn, "faggot, you're bruised and a sad mutherfucker" on a 'puter screen
"weird ya have no job, you're insane with the words you have typed like a fiend, oh"
oh, i would don my dark sunglasses - you know, to blind me from any blunders if i had made
oh yeah

i take the best backyears' number ones, add hints of christian
they grow to vulgar and they show i'm not a saint - oh
growing barely towards yom kippur, i repent for my tone and my scorn, but not for my say, yeah
i'm still freakin' their say
yeah i am still keeping the faith

i do get nothing much from my par'dies
have i lingered too long in this dream?
i take pride in the oldies as new themes
cause the good ol' days are my only truth
and my sorrow that they're past never leaves

yearned for bonds, got a porno maturation
lost a lot of time when gays taught me how to live to play
oh, i yearned to mount Brent but got a bug
i found Q was rancid still with buff-looking ways
oh yes i did

i found that gay 'man's brain's unclean, unmacho
hates an awful lot of j. christ's writes and rules,
thanks the lot who changed his say
i thought i would be puking churros
when i laid a rump, the mex'can learned that he shoulda been reamed
oh yeah
so i'm freaking their say
yeah i am still tweaking away

now i told you my reasons for my life's revival
now i'm going to pride to have a nice bold queer-type debate
oh, i'm gonna friggin' bash their fickle pride
ain't it wonderful i'm bona-fide? men want cock when they're lame, yeah!
men want men when they're feigned, yeah!
i'm freaking their say!
yeah i am still keeping the faith
i'm tweaking away
yes i am
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