(i've gotten to regard my house as the best little whorehouse in sexless)

he's got brother, he's got a father too, no "give a little," tell you what they always do
one comes to chow down here, and one with dog now stays - oh and they'll forget any single way to thank
i'm tired of staring at them, wears me out, too scared to mention why i'm always feeling down
i want them evicted, i wanna see they've gone home, but larry says "listen, dude: you throw them out, i'll go"

keepin' together, now this family shows no reminder of respons'bil'ty
brother, unskilled, mums humility like his heart wants my gold - like he'd welcome the socialistic mold

i hit my head, died, now i'm again with good-heaven's compensation, so my life does get to you
people they need not know, everyone's a democrat, just seeking reparations for not having my car crash
when i get moaning and i start to see what life's brewed, i am not what christ wants to see
brother, i'm sicker than all my hate-mailers' screams - i haven't gone wreck things (once i nailed my nissan z)

keepin' together isn't happening, there in my mind i mumble expleteeves
muster an image, humanity, i've no heart and no soul when i get mad at people wanting owed

when i look back on all the businesstheives, my home's construction to my "andy's beach"
i'm filled with hatred and i'll be an ass - i'd love them dicked by an aidsy lovers' semen-pass
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