i wrote this one after days of advertising to the gay chatroom mentalities

look at me, i'm vanity - proud, i live for me me me
won't go to bed without promise of sex - i can't - i'm man, you see?
flaunt it, make eyes turn my way - i am such a glamour-gay
won't cum by tossing my hard, i'm too boss - oh god! what would they say?

i'm so pink and frail, i'm so manic-scared, i get ill among dubya's friends
keep your filthy paws off the country's clause!
would you pull your acts and amends?

as for youthful hotties, ooh! i so much drool for the fools
youth is untouched by my middle-aged luck, it sucks, i'll scam my years
sell it! sell it! make me seem freakin' stellar, not fourty
just see me cool, i feel as young as you!!!!
hey...fongool...i've self-esteem

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