losing my erection

i wrote this one in the middle of surfing the internet, trying to find a drug that would make my penis always too sensitive to be interested in getting off.
oh, life is withered, it's withered by q and dudes and hot dreams
extremes that i will go to, the distance i will drive
i know my head wants sucked, i said i'm stuck
that's me at the border, that's me crossing state-lines, cruising for erections
trying to meet a guy or two, but i don't know if i can screw 'em
i know my head wants sucked - the matter, then, is lust
i thought that i turned from that need, i thought that i were no fiend
i think i thought i sought true guys

every jizzer and every gay-theme cowers, cries: "dude, your plight's depression"
trying to keep gay-pride from bruise, so they hurt guys who find gay boys void
"oh no, protect gay love - don't let it bust"

your syphilis, your sicknesses do hint at my quest for peace
consider this: my dick has brought a life of sleaze...hell,
fuck them all, gay fantasies, they're braille for un-males
how guy-sex makes up
i'm all for a turn from that need
i'm all for a turn from sleaze
i think i'll 'pplaud the stronger guys

fags won't ever see, fags won't ever see

that's me without porno, that's me without sexcites, losing my erection
trying to meet a guy or two, but i won't be inclinded to screw 'em
so, though my head wants love, the matter isn't lust
i've spawned a big turn from that need
with thoughts like these
i think i'm still a horny guy
but that's the crux of me...my lifetime pride
that's the crux of me: sexual 'scovery
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