you see her sitting with her coffee and her paper
she's the high-boss figure with a manic-type mind
when the strong, cool males will stand and praise her sexy
takes all their names, discrim'nation she'll file

now they're in trouble, hey, plus she is partly disabled,
what else you figure bout womens' parking spots?
'pensating types of special rights like milit'ry acceptence
oye, she's lacking self-acceptence, but 'strong woman's no farce!

it's not a put-on, an act, no tongue-cheek satire: "strong woman"
but from the strong-fashioned man, she'll need a hand when she can't do it
she's a modern woman!

she looks meek, petite, don't go mess with her
she got her lot of confidence through media-place(bos)
you wanna wake her, dude, but you'd feel so inferior
to rain on her superior and blunder esteem

she's got child, ex-husband's earned money
and it's not her home-in-country that she'll win with the farm
she's got the lies to take dude's real lives
with legal-kryptonite, as the superman falls

it's not a scam or an act, no tongue-cheek satire: "strong woman"
but with the lawyers who plan, she'll rape the man and spite life's blueprint
she's a modern woman!

time goes by and she marries from her heart, and
she tells her husband of her dozens of guys
in the morning she's bleeding with the vodka on the table
and such pain is she facing, she been raped with a knife

the guy has changed, she is not his dame - maybe
dude overcame by her bad attitude
while the world says we should respect chicks, i'm proud they're raped by monster dicks
but after i've been saved by chris(t), how can this be spewed?!

i've got to learn to relax and face the facts of modern woman
and so i'm keen to their scams, 'equal to man' i'll placate fully
she's a real strong woman!

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