september 11, 2006

watch out, their type says, "god wants mass'cred u.s.a."
strange cuz god's creator
i, then, call for their demise
burning down the mosque

hold tight, wait til i justify my
mind's psyche, queers want compass'nate tenure
cair has got to detonate
burning down the mosque

here's your ticket, pack your bag, hope no muslims are onboard
no race-profilin' be here
won't be tough, no esteem-harm, maybe you'll blow-up or not
fighting islam with manners

all wet, dub'u might see his nation taked down
he balks when islam takes life
three thousand in dubya t c
burning down the mosque

islam is the garden's snake who promised eve a godly self
feminist wants first-place
muslims want to make converts, maybe they're both jealous sects
gonna spin til they're great

burning down the mosque

allah is not extraordinary
lacks might, muslims must hurt christ-bodies
jihad earth like females scoff "manly"
burning down the blouse

no audible cheers of support, but you are polit'cally correct
fem'nist jihad's accepted
i don't know what she expects, i'm faring from i.d. she wrecked
fighting fire with fire

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