i'm having a hard time cuz GAY don't make me feel so good
i'm getting a bad reputation in the gayborhood
it's alright, it's alright, gay-pride's fags h'llucinate
he's only human, i'm embarr'ssed to gape at male who's in-shape

i'm said to believe to justify masc'line rites would get me feeling like i'm one with the dudes
and, take it from me, they were more like my opposites than anything that i could see in girls, it's true

so, forget your g'netic whims, sooner or later your sense will kick on in

it's not always easy to be living in this world of blame
its cause of attraction reeks of chrom'somes of men with no names
it's not right, it's not right, though q feels their pride saved
to bone a human with gender-debts not feeled or embraced

mmn, just like a loser of a hyped-up fight who's got to feel not at ease, just alone,
a shot of confidence may save the day, just as the winner thinks that he's the dude superior

so, forget your g'netic whims, wait to grow stronger til male esteem kicks in

i've been freakin' just myself these days cuz i think it matters not how strong
the guy is, just that he is human like i'm, that's the notion that keeps me from
get-it-ons, cuz his hole and his pits deem him comm'n
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