when we compensate for the strength she toots
who ya gonna call? pridebusters!
when the lustful queers have their own "good book"
who ya gonna call? pridebusters!

i ain't 'fraid o' yo' boasts
i ain't 'fraid o' yo' gloats

if your dream's P.C. and the dudette led
you're not gonna call pridebusters
an unwinnable match - preach no excellence
liberals won't call pridebusters

i can't change how you cope
i ain't 'fraid to fun-poke

who ya gonna call? pridebusters!

when you fall, go home-a, you've bluffed your quota
who'll fault? pridebusters!

i ain't 'fraid your thrown stones
mmn, i hear you fight my words
i ain't buyin' your growth
yeah yeah yeah yeah

who ya gonna call? pridebusters!

mmn, if you hate a dose of pride-bashin jokes
maybe you'd better call self-lovers

let me tell you something, pride just makes you seem hurt

who can make ya bawl? pridebusters!

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