i don't think your kind is strong because
oh-so many vow pride can't be a prisoner of gays' lust

maybe q don't think that guys are strong enough
but i'm not gonna be a prisoner to my lust
i know they're trying, 'stifying all the world as one
'ho with a fuck-cause needing some action

here comes gay-spite, no more living in the shadows and the mud
this is "gay pride," we always tried so hard to keep it down
but now all pride for lust
those empty minds are so heav'ly backing masturbation,
ways for guys' good times
i've realized that defending all the pleasing-ese
will lead to our demise

all esteem-aware, rights to feel good slight what's strong
i understand that when the muslims come onboard they cry for law

i don't think they whine just for a buck
they want us as prisoners of their god

no longer tied, she can focus on a method proving she's still victimized
guys need a spine, won't believe much 'bout superior'ty the tough men have on wives
it's all contrived, there's nothing we can do about a-changing ways of the end times

all esteem-aware, rights to feel good slight what's strong
i understand that when the victims write the law it's all for marx

i don't think the strong are strong enough
i know that the victims rise above
i don't want a world that's fraught with fuss
between all the criminals and "the fuzz"

so if you wanna stay alive, you can't bleed for rights of shady towns
of beings who will say, "i'm finer to kill you"
pelosi has hugged them: "we'll sue the beings who dis you"
and i guess she's not the kind of girl we thought she was
i'm sad we're fucked, she now will speak for nation's tongue
and maybe i don't think that she'll be strong enough
so we'll all be a prisoner baby of islam
a storm will fall we'll bawl and all will scorn what's formed

she's not one of those girls who'll save our towns,
strivin all for nation, sternly defending the grounds
she won't do that
she's not all for that
she just wants one-world
a soc'list format

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