he relied on things he knew were of
naive and horny gays
every schoolvoid's fantasy he'd lust
that's why he now has aids
if he 'gnored his hard-on, moved on past
and scoffed at manly sights,
he'd be thinking he'd last three times than what horny gave him

he could take a walk down the oceanside
taking in each summers' day
he could fly to lauderdale each time
days frigid at his place
he could masturbate for that kind of soothing, jerk it when it's hard
oh just how much had he lost once the horny 'came him

"why is age more than a number," men whine when not young
if they shag instead of masturbate
then gays won't know why to say such
cuz they've shagged buffoon-like since young age
and they've praised hot sin since then
so we'll laugh and then we'll throw him there, in the stoney graveyard

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