well we all have a face that we hide away forever
me, i take mine out and show it well whenever in my car
like the phantom i will sing with the will much of an actor
many faces, i'm the player who does love to try them on

and we all fall in love, but i disregard the game of
cuz i'm scared of the rejection that my young days knew so well
why are you so surprised that i have so many faces?
did you ever think that loners need a way to grin, themselves?

so i'm afraid to try again, even way down south i could not make friends
i shunned them - my damned mental health, bruised would show them how
i had fared unwell

once i knew true esteem and i loved life as an actor
but i came home as a person that would long for other lives
not the best life for a breeder, so i choosed to be a fag's girl
it was then i felt the gay curse as a pers'nal compromise

you may never understand how us players get inspired
but we aren't always queer, though most the best ones don't belong
though we drown in emulation, we will never quench the fire
we're living for your admires, we are players evermore

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