...there are some life-changing events...

i was so blind, i did not justify the diarheaa in behinds
his buttocks were the firmer kind
mister gay-pride got me back to his place
second time he yearned i gave
his hole the dildo-large

ew! this love has taken its toll on me
in/out five times, brown specs become a norm
no fart he made, see, it fucking stinks
as i keep my poise, cuz i want to wine/dine him at 4

i tried my best to seem untattered, i need him in my lacking life
it's hard to see no friends of mine
kept praying, "loves/friendship's what dylan craves"
but when they show, meaning's vague,
i worm around for semen then

badum-bum! this love has taken its toll on me
people need time, and friends they like to learn
i start my mating because it seems
that i have no choice, cuz i don't have the time to be learned

i'll give the all of me, prepare for dead-end streets
i'll brave your sexy needs online
my sex was all a fib, 'cept in the showers-gym
after scent of inside you, i don't know if lustful wants is cuckoo
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