some three puppies here before me
they're funny pets now
puppies, puppies who adore me
they're so my friends now
one is simon and he's blob-ish
and that's ok now
alvin says theo will bite a robber
(and all the men, ow!)

simon the blob with licks will ravage
he loves attention
alvin will steal the others' snacks when
they turn their heads now
so there he is, the star of dyl's fun home-brew
bow-wow that, now
and there is theo, bothers not his offshoots
elite's his ass now

where's alvin and where is the-
o, the one who snubs and hates his family tree
simon's got no reason, he's fancy-free, but
i know that my triplets love to honor me
i know that my triplets love so honestly

said, if you wanna call me david
just go ahead now
my chipmunks lie in bed, awaiting
my go-ahead now
three kiss-fools want inside my mouther
they know they'll get down
cuz kiss-fools like to stalk for hours
just go ahead, now

if you want to call me david,
just go ahead now
and if you'd try seville, the same thing
just go ahead now
if you wanna buy dog-power
just go away now
and if you try to call the pound, your
headstone's awaiting

c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon...
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