to feminists and gay rights activists :p

view us as great not as slight fools because
our fibs are teached, you can't run away
gay "men," "strong" women, how we compensate
our beings, they'll never merge with these traits
talk is cheap - our "pride" ain't much diff'rent
but holla back to show that you're in
give us love and a spine, make us real men
we're soft lambs, but spite makes us tough

standards set are broken by our spite
controlled by chaos in media
calling up my lawyer each offense
why be scorned, get pride/be much
cooler, win a case 'gainst patriarchy
female rejects' will, piss like dudes
constant sexploitation of mens' health
cry for jizzum, be a man with no proof

i am make-believe
but i achieve for the walking contradictions
and i am full of spite

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