she loves to ride those big guys, no clothes
and she tends to c'nnive for the dicks she blows
cuz she hates man, so she'll tell she's raped
and i vote 'publican, i guess, cuz of this woman-thing

oh, and whatever it is victims can't spin as sound
it all comes clear with democrats' rule and the hype they spout
and it's no mystery why the man is blamed
cuz slights love being "tough" and "sleek"
as that's just a victim-thing

now, we say wrong isn't screwing gays,
for all islams, we say their "god" is great
their spite has grown, now we ooze p.c.
so vote 'publican
and bash all the limpwrist-ese

oh, and whoever it is: women, fags, libs or browns
they all hold dear the defeat-crat's views of muslim pull-outs
but it's a mystery that i can't explain
cuz islam will annihilate
blacks', fags' and those strong womens' beings

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