ha. can you believe it? i was in a boston chatroom (among a bunch of others), and saw this on my counter program:

(Robert Kennedy Children's Action) Massachusetts, Boston, United States, 0 returning visits Date Time WebPage April 24th 2006 09:46:38 AM www.anti-gay.com/2005/hybrids/jld2005/jld2005.htm jaggedlittledyl.com/jldset.html April 24th 2006 09:46:44 AM www.anti-gay.com/2005/hybrids/jld2005/forgiven.htm www.anti-gay.com/2005/hybrids/jld2005/jld2005.htm

isn't that special?  look what google says about where the gay chatroom cruiser works.

Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corps, Inc.
Provides care, counseling, treatment, education and rehabilitative services for at risk children in Massachusetts.

i wonder about his "counseling services". maybe it's "re-education services". note to massachusets: the caretakers of your children may not be the mature role model you are seeking - cruising for sex online?  i wish i could report this to the authorities.

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