would ya call me a freak?

speaking of live, i think the singer also has an unholy fascination with armpits.  there's the line comparing armpits, saying "they stink like mine," and also the line "i can smell your armpits" in another song.  but that's just an observation.

no, what i really wanted to talk about was public image and 'chatty cathy' type gossipers.

my cell just rang.  i didn't even glance at it, since it rang with ray parker jr. singing, "if there's something weird, and it don't look good...who ya gonna call?  GHOSTBUSTERS!"  pay a nominal fee at freeringers.net and upload cuts of songs you want sent to your cell, then assign the ringer to a specific phone number.

anyway, about gossipers.  i guess they work to your advantage if you wanna be notorious like i do, just leave advertisements for your offensive blog in the copy machine after you finish copying it, don't stop yourself from pacing around the grocery store for 20 minutes if you wanna get exercise while you're stuck at the mini-mall.  don't feel freakish to drive like you've been driving since you were 18, singing along with the music and putting on a little sideshow.  but don't be surprised if nobody wants to talk to you.  or if the clerk at Post Net doesn't send your broken motherboard back to IBM, even if you paid for it.

people are talking, talking bout people.  i hear them whisper, you won't believe it.  years ago, i put a six-foot long advertisement for my website on the back of my car and drove like 200 miles.  one guy gave me a thumbs up for advertising "anti-gay.com" on my car.  that's when i came up with my "friends in low places" parody. i got friends in all places.

i stay home most all day, i got no social clique, i advertise my website in gay chatrooms, local and national.  that's why i think i'm gaining notoriety, especially locally.  this one time, at band camp...

this one time, at a restaurant, i was sitting at a table with my roomie, and the man across from me was pretty cute.  i couldn't keep my eyes off of him, then he puts his arm way up in the air like he wants to show me his armpit and he looks right at me. we're locked in a gaze, until i look away.  "but all i really want's to be famous...in towowowowowowown," and it's coming true.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now