may 1, 2006

well, by the amount of messages i receive in the local gay chats, as well as the constant put-downs i get by some old guy near the airport, i am led to believe i am not well-received by the sexually-overactive gays here.  i guess that makes sense, as i'm usually in the chats to advertise my website.

anyway, a strong 32 year-old with a firm behind who is fixing up a house and will be here until it gets cold, he let me know where he was staying and i sort of showed up partially uninvited.  we were talking for hours, and he told me he is really into ass and "fisting". i became so grateful that he was talking to me like a regular human being that i decided to tell him that the notion of it made me as horny as sniffing armpits, balls, feet and butt.  ha - in my mind, to be honest, but reality it always shows itself to be kinda grody.

anyway, i got reading up on "fisting" on the internet, i googled "fisting diseases" and i found bad stuff.

and that page made me think: "what am i doing to myself, wanting to act out all these fantasies i have".  i actually fantasized about him massaging my prostate and giving me multiple orgasms, as he said would happen.  i am glad i came across that page before i invited full-form homosexuality into my life.

you'd think if the local gays had as much contempt for me as their put-downs, unanswered hellos and 'how dare you message me'-type replies...they'd want to "get with" me so they could lend a hand to my gay addiction and subsequent early death (as reported on in the link above. either get me hooked on their lifestyle and die or get me well, by the amount of messages i receive in the local gay c

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