may 15, 2006

wow, it's monday night and golly what a long weekend of website renovation.

i spent HOURS yesterday and the day before, doing online searches to find a program that would take the frameset and the lot of files that make up each initial frame, and copy them all throughout the directories of my website.  i've searched for this kind of program in the past, but have had no luck.  this time, i found one.

i also went searching for a way for the statusbar to quit displaying link locations whenever the pointer comes in contact with a hyperlink.  i found one, after a while, but it ended up giving little surprises like linking to either the file specified in the html document or a reload of the same file.  i spent a long time trying to get that to work, then i went online and did a search for another script.  and it turned out to be a winner.

i searched for and downloaded a website copying program, that asks for start pages to save locally and continues to follow the links on the page and also save the linked pages.  i did that because there were a ton of unused files on the server and this provided me with an easy way to get the necessary files of my site onto my computer, erase everything from the server, then upload the site without any frivilous lawsuits.  er, files.

oh, i got on the scale this morning, 154-155 pounds.  yay.  i am losing my belly, too, and starting to see some results from all the chest butterfly exercises i've been doing every day.

back to my weekend online.  what else did i do...hmn, well, this whole weekend was spent renovating and screwing up and then succeeding and everything.  i saw live's videos for "pain lies on the riverside" and "operation spirit" - i parodied those songs here on my site.  man, ed was so young and skinny in 1992.  now he's acquired a lot more mass.  and a lot less hair.  ha.  well, i saw the videos plus some other top artists at  ed from live and steve from blue's clues, they're a couple years older than me, only like 2 maybe.  and they were from lancaster area.  i didn't grow up far from lancaster, in jersey, but seeing steve for the first time in annapolis at a fitness center on tv, i became fascinated with him.  i bought live's 'mental jewlery' after seeing one of their videos on mtv my senior year.  the "operation spirit" video reminds me of "lord of the flies," which i didn't read in 11th grade.  i remember the movie being released as like a godsend around the time of the assignment.  i don't think i saw the movie, either.

speaking of videos that bring back memories, i just saw alanis morissette's "u oughta know" a week or two ago - mtv online.  for the first time.  well, if it came out summer 95, i was at princeton university for the new york film academy's summer program which i never gave much of a chance.  then in july or so, i went to a depression hospital in new canaan, connecticut.  i guess i wasn't too busy, i just hadn't really been following pop music since graduating in 1992.  which, by the way, was when 'a league of their own' came out, 'this used to be my playground' included.  talk about memory lane, that song just does it.  there was me, driving around in my little white 300zx.  1986.

which, by the way, was when we took that bus trip to new york for the 6th grade class trip.  i remember going into a really expensive store near the water.  it's kind of famous, the cutting edge, maybe?  oh, no - it was the sharper image, yeah, definitely the sharper image.

hmn...well, i've been watching comedy central's 'mind of mencia' for a while now.  i've been starving myself, i've been losing weight, i've been saving money, i've been staying home.  oh, i've been hoping to get a motortrike soon.  well i told you that i love you, there ain't no more to say.  in the words of tracy chapman.

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