well, here i am again.  lookin' better than a body has a right to

ha.  ok, that's a dolly parton song, "here you come again".  seriously, my body is better than it was, i was 156 this morning, bordering on 155, which is twenty-two pounds lighter than i've gotten used to advertising in the gay hookup chats.  not two months ago, i presume.  assume.  i do 5 minutes on the treadmill, maybe 6, three or four times daily.  i have a whole routine: the treadmill, 20 to 25 dumbbell curls, 30 leg press, 20-25 butterfly.  i've stopped with the crunch-machine, i figure my walks/jogs on the treadmill will take care of it sooner or later.

and my nipples were always so soft and pink.  well, after pinching and twisting them for hours one day, and randomly thereafter, they are no longer almost the size of rose mcgowen's nipples.  they're still not as dark as i would like, but they are no longer as supple as they once were.

i like my workouts, they suit my short attention-span.  say i'm at 155 pounds, my 32 shorts are kind of too loose.  i can fit into 30 jeans, but they are a little too tight-fitting.  if i can lose 5 more pounds, i'm sure i'll be wearing size 30.  i don't like still having an overhang over my pants, though.

when i get down to a decent waist size, aka 30, i will start focusing on bodybuilding more.  right now, i do what i do to facilitate a firm behind, nicer pecs, nice arms.  once i'm down to a 30 waist, i guess i'd be able to focus on a full-body workout.

i'm snacking on celery, for dinner i had chicken broth and a coffee-cup full of broccoli & cauliflower bits.  i had noodles and cabbage for lunch.  celery and asparagus are my snacks.  there's this ice cream drive-thru place that i go to, i went there this afternoon but they were closed.  i take alvin, simon and theodore with me and i get three ice cream sandwiches for them.   vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two miniature milk bones.  that's all i get, no ice cream for me.  i'm not on a diet, just a new way of eating.

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