okay, there are lots of types of people who deserve to be raped, and most of them are progressive and female.

i was in my car today, driving 5 or 10 miles below the limit, when someone lays on their horn in back of me.  so i look in the cracked rear view and i laugh to myself when i see the unmistakable silhouette of a strong woman.  ha.  with 80's hair.

after she lays off the horn, she raises her arms in the air, as if to say, "what the fuck," like i have no right to be driving at a comfortable speed and inconviencing the likes of strong women everywhere.  so i slow down some more, later i would think i should have stopped and rolled down my window to stick both of my fists outside and flip her the bird x2.

i'm hoping she was throwing a hissy-fit because she saw the advertisements i was leaving around yesterday.  you know the one, it's in the 'store' section, "the 'strong woman' was delusional but the 'battered wife' is now reformed" with a joke in the middle: "why do strong women join Fitness24?   so they can SPIN when nobody's listening".

your laying on the horn only exemplifies the zig-zagged confusion of your brain.
in the words of clay walker, "she's up and she's down, and she only smiles when the market's strong"
speaking of the market, strong women, get back in the kitchen.

this furthers my call to L E G A L I Z E   R A P E

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