november 24, 2006

i'm just gonna write a bunch of random thoughts.
i had a bunch of things i wanted to say, but once i modified the journals page and started writing this page, i forgot.

i am scared that islam is the anti-christ that will bring about the end of the world.
i am scared that the murderer of vince foster will bring america to a socialistic end.
i am happy that i will be able to walk in 3 weeks, then i'll be able to frequent the new ymca.
i am happy that i have written over 200 song parodies.
i am wanting to spread the word of my website, so it'd be as big as
i am wanting to exercise again, with the quasi-steroids i've not taken much of yet, to strengthen and firm my behind.
i am repulsed by mens' asses and i do not want to chance smelling anything as human as others' butt-odor, armpits, feet, etc.
i am turned on by firm behinds and thick densely muscled bodies over toned and streamlined bodies, justify my manlust.
i am wanting to ride a motortrike, but do not know where to go for lessons in order to get a license.
i am comfortable in saying that i am born-again and in knowing that i have a mental relationship with jesus that will deliver me to him when i die.
i am uncomfortable letting guys know that i am aroused by them, because someone at a strip-mall in maryland did that and i was like, "do i care?".
i am excited that my arms are packed with more muscle than i am used to seeing.
i am annoyed that my mother and my sister try to get me to a "life coach" because they must think it's a problem for a jobless and virtually friendless young man to be happy.
i am disgusted when i fart because it reminds me of the poop-marks on the dildo i parodied "this love" afterward
i am disgruntled with the messy disorganization of my room.
i am lonely for friends until i jerk off, since sex seems to be the only real thing that i need a life-filler for.
i am arrogant because i love to hear myself sing and i function for the fantasy that people are watching me for a glimpse into my life.
i am proud that i am so creative on the computer and the internet.
i am sad when i am remembering yesterdays: spending most of my days and nights on the road, watching steve burns in nashville, flying swa twice a month, my first apartment in doylestown.
i am goal-less because dreams like singing in a band or acting in a show are not effortlessly realized.
i am psyched to argue in defense of my lackluster life, because it reminds me of this

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